International Society for the Advancement of Emergy Research(ISAER)

Welcome to the Asia-Pacific Chapter of the Emergy Society Web Site!

We are the first regional chapter of the Emergy Society dedicated to the advancement of research on emergy and transformity. This work is accomplished within the framework of Energy Systems Theory (Odum 1994).

Our goal is to support research and promote effective communication on emergy research among the growing community of interested scientists in throughout Asia-Pacific region.

If you are interested in this subject, you might consider joining the Asia-Pacific Chapter of Emergy Society.

Please explore our website to learn more about Asia/Pacific emergy research, our journal, and our organization.

List of participants: Beijing Normal University (BNU), the International Society for the Advancement of Emergy Research (ISAER), China Agricultural University (CAU), Northeast Normal University (NNU), Chinese Academy of Science as represented by South China Botanical Garden (CAS), Chinese Academy of Science as represented by Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (Beijing) (CAS), Pukyong National University (PNU), Taipei University (TPU),...

We look forward to your participation.

Also, registration table are given on the "Membership" page.

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Gain Access to the Emergy Society Database of Unit emergy Values.

The Emergy Society Database of transformities and other unit emergy values is administered by Brandon K. Winfrey and it is currently open for use by all Emergy Society members and other interested parties.

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